May 27th, 2009

The Tiger Ranch Website Before It Was Removed

I recently received a copy of the original Tiger Ranch website (Thanks M).

Tiger Ranch

…a cat sanctuary where mercy triumphs!

Our Mission:

To provide a sanctuary (safe haven) for abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted friendly and feral cats; a viable alternative to euthanasia of cats.

Our Belief:

We believe that all cats, regardless of age, disability, health, socialization, and temperament deserve a chance at life.

Our Accomplishments:

It is a tribute to God and a statement of the great need for cat sanctuaries that Toger Ranch has accomplished so much.

In 2006…

  • We assisted 32 kill shelters, located in 9 different states.
  • We admitted 2195 cats into Tiger Ranch.
  • We found homes for 1207 cats.
  • We provided 1097 low cost cat spays and neuters for the community.

Our Pledge:

To refuse no cat!

To kill no cat!

To declaw no cat!

Our Purpose:

To find safe, caring, lifelong homes for friendly and feral cats.

To reduce the surrender to shelters of friendly and feral cats.

Our Goals:

  • Provide current health and behavior information to the community via our book entitled Educate and Equip for Cat Rescue.
  • Provide a low cost spay/neuter program for the community.

Our Philosophy:

No reserve, no retreat, no regrets.


To God be the Glory
Is there anything greater than mercy?
Gentleness and respect for cats
Educate & Equip for Cat Rescue – Buy the book!
Refuse no cat

Reduce the surrender of cats to shelters
A viable alternative to euthanasia
No reserve, no retreat, no regrets
Chance at life

Source: accessed on March 14th, 2008

My Commentary:  Let me get this straight.  Tiger Ranch took in 2195 cats in 2006.  Tiger Ranch adopted out 1207 cats.  That leaves 988 cats leftover.  I wonder what happened to those cats. 

Now, if Tiger Ranch adopted out 1207 cats, at $50 a cat ($30 a cat for each one after the first one) the income from this would have been at the very least, $32,610.  Not to mention that the Tiger Ranch website claimed  to have provided low cost spay/neuter ($40 per spay, $25 per neuter) for 1097 cats.  Again using the lower number, this would be $27,425.  So Since Tiger Ranch is a 501c3, was this money reported on taxes (over $60,000) for the 2006 tax year?  It's public record, look it up. 

Good thing somebody proofread.  Did you notice the typo "Toger Ranch" in the "Our Accomplishments" section.

More to come ...