June 12th, 2009

October, 2007 vs. March, 2008. See Any Difference?

                           Tiger Ranch Cats - Isolation Room - October 17, 2007

Tiger Ranch Cats - Isolation Room - March 12, 2008

Update:  Lin Marie admitted in court to never having a veterinarian even though she said on numerous news reports that she had veterinarians.

The majority of the cats (71%) were under the age of three years old and 300 cats were found to be suffering from various degrees of malnutrition - 178 of those cats were emaciated and starving, and nearly 70% were dehydrated. 80% of the cats were found with upper respiratory infections, 73 with painfully inflamed eyes and 54 with painful mouths and tongue ulcerations. 53 cats suffered from an atypical and highly fatal Calicivirus infection (Virulent Systemic Calicivirus), that caused inflammation of blood vessels, severe swelling and wounds of the paws, and damage to internal organs, akin to the effects of Ebola virus. Rampant streptococcal diseases afflicted hundreds of felines, with 82 cats diagnosed with wounds and abscesses of the limbs and joints, over 68 cats with acute onset rhinitis (profuse amounts of pus coming out of their noses), and 51 cats who presented with spontaneously forming abscesses and wounds of their neck regions (referred to as “Feline Strangles”). Nine cats developed streptococcal meningitis when the infection destroyed the bones of their sinuses or extended via the inner ear to the brain and at least 28 cats had joints literally destroyed due to severely painful septic arthritis caused by the bacteria."

Other reported conditions include:

• 102 cats suffering from ear infections
• 8 cats with Feline Leukemia Virus and 17 with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
• 123 cats with Dental Disease, 34 who suffered with very painful stomatitis
• Various skin disorders, including 64 cats significantly suffering from skin mites, 23 cats with fleas, and 18 cats with Ringworm
• 3 cats suffering from Skin Fragility Syndrome in which their skin was ripping off
• 11 cats suffering from the fatal condition of Feline Infectious Peritonitis
• Over 178 cats with diarrhea/enteritis, stated to be mainly associated with Giardia and endoparasites
• 5 cats with Pancreatitis
• 9 cats with kidney failure, stated to likely be secondary to strep infections
• 10 cats suffering from a rare Obstructive Inflammatory Laryngeal Disease who could not breathe due to swelling inflammatory masses forming in their airways, documented to be very rare and likely secondary to a viral infection/Calicivirus
• 2 cats with Hemangiosarcoma, a liver cancer extremely rare in cats stated to have potentially infectious risk factors
• 7 cats suffering from Mycoplasma conjunctivitis, deep corneal ulcerations, eye loss, and blindness
• 50 cats suffering from circulatory system collapse due to septic shock from either streptococcal infections or Virulent Systemic Calicivirus
• 5 cats with DIC, a fatal blood disorder
• 17 cats with reproductive diseases and pregnancies