The Tiger Ranch Website Before It Was Removed

I recently received a copy of the original Tiger Ranch website (Thanks M).

Tiger Ranch

…a cat sanctuary where mercy triumphs!

Our Mission:

To provide a sanctuary (safe haven) for abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted friendly and feral cats; a viable alternative to euthanasia of cats.

Our Belief:

We believe that all cats, regardless of age, disability, health, socialization, and temperament deserve a chance at life.

Our Accomplishments:

It is a tribute to God and a statement of the great need for cat sanctuaries that Toger Ranch has accomplished so much.

In 2006…

  • We assisted 32 kill shelters, located in 9 different states.
  • We admitted 2195 cats into Tiger Ranch.
  • We found homes for 1207 cats.
  • We provided 1097 low cost cat spays and neuters for the community.

Our Pledge:

To refuse no cat!

To kill no cat!

To declaw no cat!

Our Purpose:

To find safe, caring, lifelong homes for friendly and feral cats.

To reduce the surrender to shelters of friendly and feral cats.

Our Goals:

  • Provide current health and behavior information to the community via our book entitled Educate and Equip for Cat Rescue.
  • Provide a low cost spay/neuter program for the community.

Our Philosophy:

No reserve, no retreat, no regrets.


To God be the Glory
Is there anything greater than mercy?
Gentleness and respect for cats
Educate & Equip for Cat Rescue – Buy the book!
Refuse no cat

Reduce the surrender of cats to shelters
A viable alternative to euthanasia
No reserve, no retreat, no regrets
Chance at life

Source: accessed on March 14th, 2008

My Commentary:  Let me get this straight.  Tiger Ranch took in 2195 cats in 2006.  Tiger Ranch adopted out 1207 cats.  That leaves 988 cats leftover.  I wonder what happened to those cats. 

Now, if Tiger Ranch adopted out 1207 cats, at $50 a cat ($30 a cat for each one after the first one) the income from this would have been at the very least, $32,610.  Not to mention that the Tiger Ranch website claimed  to have provided low cost spay/neuter ($40 per spay, $25 per neuter) for 1097 cats.  Again using the lower number, this would be $27,425.  So Since Tiger Ranch is a 501c3, was this money reported on taxes (over $60,000) for the 2006 tax year?  It's public record, look it up. 

Good thing somebody proofread.  Did you notice the typo "Toger Ranch" in the "Our Accomplishments" section.

More to come ...

Disturbing Conditions Back In 2004

This was posted on the "No More Tiger Ranches!" petition:

Oct 13, 2008,
Debby Smith, Virginia

I personally visited TR July 2004. I was very disturbed and voiced my opinion to Lin. She claimed she has never had anyone complain. After I left I called the so called vet she claimed that she worked with and he had never set foot on the place. Lin told me and my colleague that she got $70.000 each year from a private benefactor to take care of the ranch. From what I read she shows no income.

I wish something had been done sooner. I voiced my complaint to the vet then and to many other rescues in the area at that time. There were so many groups taking their cats there and did not even know what the place was like. Finally something happened but too late for the animals I [had] seen then.

Yes, she claims that she has never had anyone complain (to everyone who complains). 

I have, for several years, been unable to find a veterinarian that actually treated animals on or from Tiger Ranch.  I still want someone to come forward and say that they treated animals at Tiger Ranch on even a weekly basis ... I'm waiting!

Here's a good question.  Did Chris DeRose of LCA ever check to see if Lin Marie had a veterinarian coming to treat the sick animals before he endorsed her and her shelter?  And by check, I don't mean ask Lin Marie.  I mean investigate!

Hoarding is not Rescuing!!!

Great Post, Forrest!

This piece was posted by iamlazarus on

My responses to this piece of wacko garbage are in parentheses and boldfaced.


It’s Black or White. Right? (Pretty much, yes!)

In light of the recent plea agreement reached in the Tiger Ranch case, TR bashers have been giddily posting in numerous forums - as most posters only have the cranial capacity to hold a single thought (asses can take up so much room) (That's funny, there were some very well written and educational postings about hoarders, that I saw.  Did you read them?  If you had, and actually understood them, maybe you wouldn't still be supporting a convicted animal abuser.)

- there seem to be two basic sentiments: “Ding Dong, the witch is dead” and “Nanny nanny hoo hoo. We told you so!”. I suppose I could spend hours responding to individual bloggers, which is always amusing but so time consuming, but why do that when you have a blog that reaches thousands? (tens, maybe) (okay, when your friend, whom you love dearly (have you ever even met or spent any time with her?  Yet you say you love her dearly?  Wow!), has a blog and allows you editorial privilege).  (By editorial privilege you mean a blog that will allow you to write anything, no matter how wrong it is, and not remove it.)

Apparently, in the world of Black or White, entering a guilty plea can only mean an admission of wrongdoing. Sorry kids, sometimes it only means acceptance that a legal battle will be lost or that the consequences of continuing outweigh the value of legal absolution. Did Lin break the law? Quite possibly. (You should have stopped right there seeing that even YOU believe she broke the law!)

If she issued rabies certificates illegally then she was absolutely legally guilty. Is what she did wrong? (Yes!  That's why there are laws, to punish people who do things that are wrong!  It also says something about her character, wouldn't you agree?)

That’s an entirely different argument that really relates to individual beliefs - not written laws. (abortion is legal but there’s tons of folks who believe it is wrong. (Apples and oranges.  Apples and oranges.)

Human euthanasia is illegal but there are tons of folks who believe it is right under certain circumstances).

Whether providing “tampered” documents was right or not is one issue (If you believe it is right to tamper with government documents, you go right ahead.  Enjoy your stay in prison.)

- there are untold numbers of rescues that have had to choose between giving rabies and other vaccines to only the few they could afford to obtain through legally prescribed means, or seeking a shade of gray that allows them to protect multitudes of animals. (Gee, every organization that I know obtains rabies vaccines and certificates legally.  Maybe you should give the names of these organizations that are illegally vaccinating animals to the authorities.)

Let’s face it - the more animals that are properly vaccinated the safer it is for all. Lin and Tiger Ranch assured that thousands of animals were spay/neutered and received rabies vaccines. Both animal and human communities have benefited greatly because of this.  (In your warped mind they benefited, that's because you believe that Lin Marie wasn't harming any animals, either.  How do we know how many animals were actually spayed/neutered?  Didn't Lin Marie provide those numbers?  Nobody knows for sure if they are accurate.)

While the anti-TR bloggers revel in the acceptance of the plea as sure fire evidence of Lin’s “guilt” of all the atrocities alleged by the DA. I would have to point out that Jugan, who brought more resources to bear on this case than her office has on violent crimes, rapes, spousal/child abuse etc…   (Oh, really?  And you know this how?  Did Lin Marie tell you this?  Shouldn't everyone who cares about animals be applauding someone who will fight to convict animal abusers?  Actually, the costs of prosecution are probably the reason why Lin Marie got the deal in the first place (The DA figured it would be more cost effective to offer the plea, knowing that there was overwhelming evidence against her and she would take the plea bargain).  I really wish this had gone to trial so that all of the evidence would have been brought to light.)

- Jugan, who has been so vitriolic in her hatred of Lin Marie that she has publicly wished her dead (Once again, what source told you that Jugan said this about Lin Marie?  Not very smart to make these kinds of statements about an attorney.), ACCEPTED (Wrong, again.  She offered the plea bargain.  That's how it works.  The DA OFFERS the plea bargain.) a plea that reduced felonies to misdemeanors (possibly allowing for avoidance of any jail time) (Oh, there still could be plenty of jail time involved.) and dropped HUNDREDS of animal cruelty charges to a mere handful. (Yes, but the animal abuse charges are misdemeanors, not just summary charges.  To tell you the truth, it wouldn't have mattered if she was convicted of all of the abuse charges, she probably would not have received any more possible jail time.  This was a very intelligent deal by the DA's office, because they saved money and got the conviction.)

Seems to me she didn’t have much faith on the strength of those allegations.  (Seems to me Lin Marie's lawyers didn't have much faith she could win this case, otherwise they wouldn't have advised her to accept the deal.)

The Tiger Ranch supporters still believe in Lin Marie - still stand proudly by her side. (So do the Manson Family members!)

Fact is, despite the prosecution’s and PSPCA’s best efforts to paint Lin as a madwoman, she remains highly respected and credible as an animal welfare advocate.  (Actually, No, she doesn't.  Only in your warped little mind.)

Can the same be said for the PSPCA, whose corruption and illegal activities - leading to massive changes in personnel -were exposed for all to see. I’m guessing they have a lot of work to do before the public accepts them as agents for animal welfare. (I am no fan of Howard's.  Some of us were just as happy as you were to see Howard leave.  But it wasn't because of the raid on Tiger Ranch.  That was, IMO, at least one GOOD thing that he did during his tenure as CEO.)

Deb Jugan - who allowed this to devolve into a personal vendetta? (Deb Jugan did her job.  She prosecuted an animal abuser.  It is only you and Madras and the other wackos that believe this was a personal vendetta.  Criminals quite often think that the DA's office has it in for them, and they should.  However, when you make completely false statements about the ADA on a public forum, you may have made it personal!)

Even the judge was seen to roll her eyes at the hyperbolic drama she injected into this case. (No, the judge was seen not only rolling her eyes at the stupidity of Lin Marie's lawyer, but actually yelling at him!)

Did anything good come out of this case? Absolutely.  (An animal abuser got convicted!  Ding, dong the witch ...  You get the point.)   It focused attention on the corruption within the PSPCA, leading to a change in command and the waking of a now watchful animal welfare community. (A handful of followers of Lin Marie hardly counts as the animal welfare community.)

It has shone a similar spotlight on some of the corruption and abusive actions taken by the Allegheny County DA’s office - these practices no longer enjoy the cover of secrecy and will continue to be investigated.  (Who is investigating the DA's office?  Did someone tell you this, or did you just make it up?)

It exposed Becky Morrrow for the unethical, egotistical creature she is.  (Do you have any documented evidence to back this statement?  I mean besides all the hearsay spread on forums by the cult members.  Ask anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being a client of Doctor Morrow's and you will find out that she is a very well-liked and well respected veterinarian.  This statement is definitely not true.  I hope you can afford a good lawyer.  I mean first making accusations without any documentation about Jugan, and now Dr. Morrow.)

Lin’s endurance of this legal process has robbed many corrupt public figures of the comfortable security of secrecy and unchallenged tyranny.  (The only person that came out of this situation looking guilty was Lin Marie.  You must live in some kind of a fantasy world.  Good luck finding your way back to the real world, where animal abusers eventually get caught and convicted.)

Seems to me that she accomplished all that could be reasonably hoped for under the circumstances.  (Yes, considering that she is guilty.  What a pathetic attempt to try to say that somehow, Lin Marie won.  For the record, Lin Marie is now a convicted animal abuser.  How's that for an accomplishment?)


Madness, I Tell You!!!

The following was posted on (My comments will be in italics and boldfaced)

Did PSPCA conduct independent investigation into Tiger Ranch?

Tiger Ranch: Questions (Part VI)

Today I came across an interesting paragraph in the blog on the Voices For Animals MySpace page (dated March 15, 2008 - two days after the PSPCA raided Tiger Ranch - and labelled “Tiger Ranch Update”):

It is not our position to judge what the owner’s intentions had been, we must focus on the situation the cats were living in and the fact that they urgently needed to be taken out of the establishment. However, we demand an investigation as to why this situation was not handled locally a long time ago, and are extremely appreciative of the fast response provided by the PSPCA in Philadelphia, which mobilized all available resources to help the cats of Tiger Ranch.

Did PSPCA just accept the undercover video of Deb Urmann and “testimony” of the other three co-conspirators (Becky Morrow, Carolyn DeForest, and Rebecca Reid) - none of whom are licensed Humane Officers in Pennsylvania - and swing into action without so much a lifting a finger to verify that the allegations were truthful and not, shall we say, “manufactured”? 

Who told you the allegations were manufactured?  Could it be, oh I don't know ... Lin Marie? 

Why does evidence and testimony have to come from humane officers?  Dr. Morrow is a licensed veterinarian and is perfectly capable of determining if animals were being cared for properly.  She has had years of experience examining animals and diagnosing illnesses.

Besides, the evidence was so overwhelming in this case it was a no-brainer.  The only people who don't believe the evidence are Lin Marie's cult following.

If they did conduct any sort of verification of these claims on their own - using people licensed and authorized to do so - we certainly haven’t heard about it.

Did it never occur to PSPCA that these four people - at least two of whom have been documented to have ulterior motives for targeting Tiger Ranch - might have something up their collective sleeves besides the welfare of the cats? Or was the lure of a good Animal Cops episode too great?

Please show me the documentation of the ulterior motives, Madras.  What's that?  You read it on some forums where the cult was posting all sorts of lies to try to discredit the four women because they don't have a case otherwise.

Did they not trust the judgement of their counterparts - the Humane Officers in the Allegheny County area? 


If not, what does that say about the process of training and licensing those officers in Pennsylvania? If they really were turning a “blind eye” to Tiger Ranch… shouldn’t they be losing their jobs?

Exactly!!!  Unfortunately there are a lot of politics involved.  But don't forget, PA is as corrupt as any other state out there. 

It seems that someone with an actual Humane Officer’s badge should have shown up at Tiger Ranch, knocked on the door, and taken a look-see around before storming the place with 120 people, ASPCA trucks, and film crews. (And yes, I KNOW that Animal Planet wasn’t permitted to be on the property during the raid.) Was the word of those four random citizens sufficient, given the potential for good TV and heavy PR? (Don’t even try to tell me about the undercover video. I’ve seen it.) 

It wasn't just the word of four random citizens, they had much video evidence and statements and letters from many other people who got no action from the local humane organizations.

A search warrant was obtained (this is how the law works) after a judge (Judge Durkin) saw the evidence and determined there was probable cause.  And, detectives that were on the scene to investigate, the evening of the rescue verified that THERE WAS ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO ARREST LIN MARIE ON THE SPOT!  The detectives were not necessarily planning on arresting Lin Marie until they saw evidence of abuse or neglect.  The first 13 charges were filed based on the first 13 cats they looked at.  As I said before, it was a NO-BRAINER!

One of the local humane agents tipped off Lin Marie about the rescue operation.  That is exactly why the local humane agents couldn't be trusted!!!  Humane agents would help Lin Marie clean up before the so-called "surprise inspections."

Given that PSPCA is so concerned about who has the authority to investigate whom (PSPCA Statement Regarding the Actions of Mr. Chris DeRose of Last Chance for Animals (LCA) in the Tiger Ranch case):

Mr. DeRose’ s organization has no authority to conduct an investigation of PSPCA, nor does LCA have any legal standing in Pennsylvania with regard to the Tiger Ranch case. PSPCA is responsible for investigating animal cruelty cases in Pennsylvania and has done so with great distinction.

I would hope that actual Pennsylvania Humane Officers went onsite to view the conditions first hand before they “mobilized all available resources to help the cats of Tiger Ranch.”

It’s not like Lin Marie was going to flush the evidence (several hundred cats) down the toilet or something. Nor was she likely to come at them with machine guns-a-blazing. This was not a meth lab.

Actually, I'm glad you brought this up.  Apparently, Lin Marie did "flush" a large quantity of cats before the raid, since she was tipped off by the humane agent.  A large quantity of cats disappeared before the rescue operation could get there.  That's why the initial estimates of animals were in the 700's.

Nope. Still not seeing the need for that top-secret surprise raid.

Blind and stupid, I guess.  Do you think that a drug dealer would not try to get rid of the "evidence" before the police arrived, if tipped off in advance?

So, Voices For Animals supporters… now that the cats have been “taken out of the establishment,” how are you feeling about the surviving 265 cats that are living cramped in extremely close quarters in Clarion? With not even a scrap of sunlight available to stretch out in for a nap (since the windows are papered over to conceal whatever may be going on in there).

They’re now suffering from MRSA*, by the way (almost always a hospital-acquired condition).

Interesting that Lin Marie works at a nursing home isn't it?  She's the person who had the most contact with the animals.

All together, sounds kind of like the conditions that, oh heck, lab animals are forced to endure. Isn’t Voices For Animals opposed animal experimentation and inhumane living conditions?

Tiger Ranch conditions were like a huge "disease experiment" that Lin Marie was conducting.  Therefore, VFA was acting exactly as they should.

Who is speaking out for those cats now?

People who care a lot more for the well being of those animals than Lin Marie, in my opinion.  I have seen this first hand.  The people who work at the shelter have made huge sacrifices to help those cats.  They are local people, who love and care for these cats.

But apparently VFA has moved on (”URGENT: 70 LAB RATS NEED HOMES” - LYnX, VFA Newsletter, Issue 21/Saturday, May 24, 2008).

Hope the rats get nice homes.

*Note added June 2, 2008:

Information regarding the MRSA diagnosis came to us via email directly from PSPCA on Wednesday, May 28: “We have also recently learned that they have a cat version of MRSA in addition to the plethora of other diseases that they have.” (Direct quote from text of email).

On June 2, 2008 PSPCA issued an update regarding this issue.

The original update appears on their website:

A copy is also archived here:

Final Comments:  Keep in mind that old Madras here has never once talked to any of the four ladies that presented the evidence to the PSPCA.  She is only going by the information that she gets from blogs and forums (mostly lies), and, I believe, information she gets directly from the accused.  She obviously has never dealt with the hoarder mentality and doesn't realize that hoarders lie! 

Keep in mind that Madras has never been to Tiger Ranch!!!  What does she really know about Lin Marie and Tiger Ranch?  I have spoken with Lin Marie.  I have spoken to supporters of Tiger Ranch (Now there are some, shall I say "different" people!).  I have been to Tiger Ranch.  I have talked to neighbors of Tiger Ranch.  I have spoken to local veterinarians about Tiger Ranch.  I have formed my opinion on solid experiences!  In my opinion TIGER RANCH SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO OPEN AGAIN!!!

Vindictive Tiger Ranch Supporters

I was helping out at a TNR event this weekend and I found out the following:

Several people who have spoken out against Tiger Ranch have found themselves being inspected by humane officers because Tiger Ranch supporters falsely accused them of animal abuse.  The humane officers found no violations and left without incident.  These are the methods used by the supporters of Tiger Ranch to try to silence the people who speak out against Tiger Ranch and stand up for what they believe in.  These intimidation tactics are, however, doomed to fail since the people they are falsely accusing of animal abuse have nothing to hide and know how to properly care for animals.  This "my friend was busted so I am accusing you of the same thing" attitude is typical of the supporters of TR.  I wish they spent half as much time and energy helping animals as they do posting lies and making false accusations!

Hoarding is not Rescuing!!!

"Yes, there were too may cats."

A Letter to the editor in the Valley News Dispatch on February 23, 2009

Search out real abusers

Let’s stop wasting time and money persecuting and prosecuting the lady from Tiger Ranch. Her only crime was in taking unwanted cats (that nobody else wanted, including shelters). How overwhelming to provide food, water, shelter, litter and room to roam to hundreds of cats.

Where were the volunteers? Where were the veterinarians to volunteer some of their services to her? Yes, there were too many cats. Yes, there were sick cats. The cruelty came from everyone — including shelters — that kept bringing cars of cats there. How easy it was to set her up than to help her.

Why don’t we go after the real animal abusers, who need to be prosecuted: Puppy mills, Dog fighting. People who get pleasure out of dragging a blind horse to its death behind an ATV. People who use farm animals as target practice. Sadistic people who burn, torture and hang dogs and cats. Neighbors who shoot or poison their neighbors’ pets.

These cruelties are just a few of what is out there.

By the way, what happened to all of those hundreds of unwanted cats? Are they still in shelters, unwanted?

I have four cats and believe me, it’s not always clean and tidy. I can’t even imagine what that overwhelmed lady had to do for those hundreds of cats.

Leslie Buckingham

My comments:  Good questions.  Where were all of the volunteers that she claimed worked at Tiger Ranch?  Where were the veterinarians that were supposed to be there treating all of those sick animals?  Not one veterinarian has come forward to say that they were there on a weekly or even a monthly basis. 


Just remember, this letter to the editor comes from a person trying to support Lin Marie.

Also, notice that she mentions the cars of cats sent to Tiger Ranch from shelters.

Don't forget, all the owner of Tiger Ranch had to do was listen to Nancy Reagan and JUST SAY NO!  Just say that she was unable to take in any more cats. 


" ... look at the conditions and not what the hoarder or her followers tell you."

This was posted by Martina on Topix:

"Many people will dump their pets on anyone who will take them. A hoarder will take them all and tell them nice stories about how wonderful they will be treated and then neglect the cats until they die a miserable death. Tiger Ranch boasted on their website that they never refused a cat and they took them in from 32 shelters and 8 states. Any sane person with basic math skills could see that this means suffering and death for thousands of cats.

Hoarders are master manipulators and will habitually lie and confuse people, make you feel sorry for them, and sometimes even make you think of them as a fallen hero or a cat lover with special powers/gifts (they have an obsessive driving need to feel special), even when you see all the suffering and death they have caused. They sensationalize their abilities and gather followers (many via the internet) who get drawn into the hoarder's cult-like fantasy. Some of this woman's followers are sending vile death threats to the woman who made the undercover video. I always tell people to look at the conditions and not what a hoarder or her followers tell you. For more information about this mental disorder, please visit the Tufts Hoarding Of Animals Research Consortium at:"

This person hit the nail on the head.  They obviously have had experience dealing with the hoarder mentality.  Bravo Martina!


KILLING is not "rescuing"

Let's look at the numbers again.  6482 cats brought in to Tiger Ranch in 2007 (per official records obtained by the Allegheny County Sheriff's Department).  14 cats adopted out in 2007 (again, per official records).  406 cats found alive (many barely alive and suffering) during the rescue.  That means approximately 6000 cats died at Tiger Ranch in just 1 year!

The numbers don't lie.  A 92.8% KILL RATE!!!! 

According to the numbers:

Tiger Ranch = KILLING and KILLING is not "rescuing"!!!

Important Information About The Tiger Ranch Case

Keep in mind while reading this that none of the Tiger Ranch supporters were on the property the night of the rescue to see the conditions of the "sanctuary," and none of the Tiger Ranch supporters were ever at the Clarion shelter to see the conditions of the animals rescued.  Therefore they are all only going by hearsay and rumors that some of them have started themselves.

1. Tiger Ranch supporters point to the numerous testimonials of people who have had wonderful experiences with Lin Marie.  Yet, I have talked to numerous people who got a cat or kitten from Tiger Ranch that died shortly thereafter.  Lin always told them to bring the animal back to her (like a defective product).

Neighbors of Tiger Ranch have had sick cats wander into their yards to die for many years.

The assistant DA presented so much evidence of abuse and neglect at the preliminary hearing that it doesn't matter how many people present testimonials.  It all comes down to the video and photographic evidence.  In my opinion there is overwhelming evidence of abuse and neglect.

2. Tiger Ranch supporters talk of how clean the facility was and always point to pictures from a local humane organization (Lin Marie has friends at many local humane organizations). 

The rescue operation was moved up a couple of days because someone (a humane officer) tipped off Lin Marie about the rescue.  The evidence collected the night of the rescue shows the horrifying conditions at Tiger Ranch, at least when Lin Marie was not expecting to be inspected.

3. Tiger Ranch supporters talk incessantly about the PSPCA raiding Tiger Ranch because they have a contract with Animal Planet.  Well, it doesn't matter what their motives were, the evidence shows that the rescue was justified.  Don't forget that there were dozens of people (including many Allegheny County Detectives) who were on the property and saw the conditions that can testify as to how horrible it really was.  How can you question that many people?

4. Tiger Ranch supporters talk about how cats always look as bad as they did at Tiger Ranch at their own shelters (They should be investigated if that's true).  Before and after pictures have been displayed on the PSPCA website.  They show cats that were in horrific conditions that now look completely normal.  Once again, the evidence does not lie. 

The cult-like mentality of the supporters of Tiger Ranch is a bit unnerving.  Many of these people sat there at the preliminary hearing and saw the photographic evidence of abuse and neglect, but continued to blindly support Lin Marie.  They make up ridiculous excuses and accusations to cover up the horrifying conditions of the rescued cats. 

The supporters of Tiger Ranch accuse the PSPCA of outright killing the cats that were rescued and living in the Clarion shelter.  Again, they have never been inside the Clarion shelter.  I can say (from first hand experience) that the techs and vets helping these cats have gone way above and beyond what most people would do to try to save the cats that were so riddled with diseases that they caught at Tiger Ranch.

5. Tiger Ranch supporters have ranted that the cats were injured during the transport from Tiger Ranch to the Clarion shelter.  The problem with this excuse for the cats being in such horrible shape is the fact that the wounds were not consistent with wounds that cats would get during transport, and second, wounds don't develop those kinds of infections overnight. 

6.  Tiger Ranch supporters claim that the cats did not receive treatment for several days.  Of course, these supporters were not there to see what was happening, but I was.  People worked around the clock to make sure cats were fed, and given fresh water, and fluids if necessary.  Vets examined every cat and treated them for a multitude of symptoms.  It was like a MASH unit.  The doctors and techs and volunteers did an outstanding job considering the horrifying conditions the animals were in from their stay at Tiger Ranch. 

7.  Tiger Ranch supporters claim that this is a "witch hunt."  (I will refrain from making the obvious comment here.)  From my point of view, this was so long overdue it is ridiculous.  People have been reporting Tiger Ranch for many years, but somehow, nothing was ever done by local humane organizations.  (Again, Lin has good friends in many of the local humane organizations.)

8.  Tiger Ranch supporters claim that the four women who investigated had ulterior motives.  They claim that these women were seeking glory.  Wow, I mean these women are sooooo famous now.  If anything, these women have received multiple threats and been bashed online and in local newspapers by the cult-like mentality of the supporters of Tiger Ranch.  These women were doing nothing more than trying to save thousands of cats from suffering, which they did. 

Speaking of ulterior motives.  There are several people who have a grudge (that's an understatement) against the PSPCA (that have seen nothing first hand, by the way) that have been supporting Tiger Ranch.  They repeat the rumors spread by Tiger Ranch supporters as if it were the Gospel.  Unfortunately, these people are smearing the good names of the people who have worked so hard to stop the suffering of thousands of cats.  They have bashed every person that is involved in the prosecution of Lin Marie.  In the process, they have made complete asses of themselves and ruined their credibility.

In the long run, it won't really matter what the supporters of Tiger Ranch say or do.  The evidence will speak for itself.  Sure, Lin Marie's lawyer will do his best to twist the words of the DA's witnesses, but it will make no difference.  The evidence is in the photographs and videos for all to see.  Those poor cats that suffered and died at Tiger Ranch deserve justice, and I believe that JUSTICE WILL TRIUMPH!!!


I'm Not a Veterinarian, but I play one ...

This was stated on BFN by a Tiger Ranch Supporter called DRDSPC:

"She has furthermore been known to mail medication to another rescuer when that person's vet didn't have what was needed on hand."

This was posted by corryn on BFN in response:

"No, I am stating a fact. There are emergency veterinary clinics and local veterinarians who can dispense medication after examining the cats.

It is not Lin's place to send medication to a rescuer, and she should have told them to contact a local veterinarian. We can't have random people with no clinical experience sending medication to others (even if they are rescuers). That is why there are laws!!!

Lin's own supporters have stated how she "worked on" their animals. This is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania without a veterinary license!!!"

My Commentary:  Lin Marie's own supporters are incriminating her.  I find it interesting that there have now been charges filed against Lin Marie for Practicing Veterinary Medicine without a License, along with forgery charges (forging a veterinarians signature) and felony charges of tampering with government documents.  Does Lin Marie think that she is above the law?  I wonder if that is what she meant when she said "where mercy triumphs over justice" in her book.  We'll see if the trial can show her the true meaning of justice.

Lin Marie should be more worried about this quote:
"Judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful" - James 2:13

By the way, "Mercy triumphs over judgment" is the actual phrase.